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By Susan Vickers

What I Learned On and Off the Court

A Story About Faith

Susan’s personal story is one of courage, encouragement to others to take their promised land. She shares from her heart her shortcomings, trials, and the adversity she has struggled with while hanging on to her faith. She honestly has reflected on deep rooted hurts and pain. It is her journey of years of struggle in allowing her Heavenly Father to be all He has wanted to be in her life. She hopes this will cheer others on in their journey and to challenge others to walk by faith and not by sight.

Best Selling Author

Susan Vickers

Susan Vickers resides in Sacramento, CA where she has been an educator for twenty three years. She currently serves and ministers in her local church and is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. She enjoys antiquing, movies, sports, working out and spending time with her friends and family.

She earned her B.S. degree from Oregon State University and her Teaching Credential from Cal State University-Sacramento. She also has an A.A. in Ministry.

“This book by Susan Vickers confirms what I have felt all along: The greatest game to be played is the game of life and discovering God’s perfect will for it. Susan has transparently opened herself and her lessons learned to allow every reader to find joy, peace and understanding! After reading this you know that you are perfectly positioned to win no matter what the scoreboard says!”

–¬†Jermaine T. Johnson, Author, My Business Is God’s Business and CEO, Prosper 360

“It has been my pleasure to know, and befriend Susan Vickers in not only ministry, but on a personal level as well. She has always shown tremendous compassion, curiosity and persistence¬† in our endeavors. Susan is well spoken, well received and even now, strives to be better and do better in every aspect of her life. She is sharp witted, funny, and a joy to be around. She is very passionate about her beliefs, and isn’t afraid to say so. A quality which is almost extinct in our society today. I have seen her cry, laugh, dance, and serve. She always presses on. Susan is a force to be reckoned with. She is the real deal; my friend and a teacher to all.

РMichael Cook, Minister of Helps, Calvary Christan Center

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